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Journey Luxe Elite Electric Recreational Luxury Mobility Scooter

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Journey Luxe Elite Electric Recreational luxury elite scooter!

Introducing the Luxe Electric Mobility Scooter - Capturing Sports Car Thrills with Scooter Freedom!

Unleash the thrill of a high-end sports car with our exclusive luxury elite scooter! Elevate your ride with the sophistication and excitement of a premium sports car, now available in a sleek and stylish scooter. Discover the epitome of luxury on two wheels - experience the perfect blend of speed, style, and elite craftsmanship. Elevate your journey with our luxury elite scooter and redefine the way you cruise in style. Don't miss out on the ultimate ride - indulge in the luxury you deserve!

Feel the rush of the open road with the sleek, high-performance Luxe Scooter. This elite mobility vehicle delivers the exhilaration of driving a luxury sports car while overcoming mobility challenges.

Journey Luxe Elite Electric Engineered for Speed + Handling

With speeds up to 13 mph and 16” pneumatic tires, the Luxe allows you to smoothly maneuver over various outdoor terrains with sports-car inspired suspension. Take tight turns and climb inclines without compromising stability or safety.

Journey Luxe Elite Features = Comfort + Convenience

  • Plush seat cushioning keeps you comfortable during long joyrides
  • Built-in storage compartments and rear basket provide cargo space
  • User-friendly control panel:
    • Variable speed twist throttle
    • Preset driving modes
    • Integrated cup holder

Experience the excitement of driving again with this recreation e-scooter. Feel empowered, confident, and free!

Journey Luxe Elite Luxury and Comfort

  • Front and rear suspension for a super smooth ride
  • Fully adjustable captain’s seat (rear tilt and adjustable tilt-up armrest)
  • Scooter size – 63" L x 28" W x 42" H
  • Seat size - 18" L x 18" W

    Journey Luxe Elite Electric SAFETY FEATURES

    • Enhanced Safety with Electromagnetic Hand Brakes: Elevate your safety standards with electromagnetic hand brakes, providing quick and precise braking for a secure riding experience.
    • Durable Front Steel Bumper for Added Protection: Drive with confidence knowing your scooter is equipped with a durable front steel bumper, offering additional protection and peace of mind.

    • 360-Degree Visibility with Dual Rear-View Mirrors: Maximize your awareness on the road with dual rear-view mirrors, enhancing safety and ensuring a comprehensive view of your surroundings.

    • Illuminate Your Path with Full LED Lighting Package: Ride in style with our full LED lighting package, featuring directional turn signals, brake lights, and an ultra-bright headlight with both rear and side LED running lights. Be visible and safe in any lighting conditions.

    • Stay Informed with Easy-to-Read LED Console: Stay connected with an easy-to-read LED console displaying estimated speed, mileage, and battery information. Stay informed and in control during every journey.

    • Secure Your Ride with Key Ignition and Alarm System: Safeguard your scooter with key ignition and a key fob equipped with an alarm system and remote start feature. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your ride is protected.

    • Maneuver with Precision: 73" Turning Radius: Navigate effortlessly with a tight 73" turning radius, allowing you to maneuver through various environments with precision and ease.


    •  48 Volt, 20Ah battery
    • 6-8 hours to fully charge
    • Cable length 6'

    Journey Luxe Elite Electric FEATURES

    • LED Console: An easy to read LED console shows estimated speed, mileage, and battery display for easy navigation.
    • Pneumatic Tires: This fun-to-drive mobility scooter features 16" pneumatic tires allow you to drive effortlessly over varied terrain.
    • Rear-view Mirrors: Dual rear-view mirrors allow you to see what’s behind you.

    Journey Luxe Elite Electric FAQs

    1. What sets the Journey Luxe Elite Electric Mobility Scooter apart from other scooters on the market?

    • The Luxe Electric Mobility Scooter distinguishes itself with its unique blend of high-end sports car thrills and elite craftsmanship, providing a sophisticated and exciting ride.

    2. What is the top speed of the Luxe Elite Electric Mobility Scooter, and how does it contribute to the driving experience?

    • The scooter can reach speeds up to 13 mph, offering the exhilaration of a luxury sports car. The speed, coupled with sports car-inspired suspension, ensures a smooth and thrilling ride over various outdoor terrains.

    3. How does the Luxe Elite Electric Mobility Scooter prioritize comfort during rides?

    • The scooter features plush seat cushioning for comfort during long joyrides, fully adjustable captain's seat with rear tilt and adjustable tilt-up armrest, and built-in storage compartments along with a rear basket for added convenience.

    4. What safety features does the Luxe Elite Electric Mobility Scooter incorporate to ensure a secure riding experience?

    • The scooter includes electromagnetic hand brakes for quick and precise braking, a durable front steel bumper for added protection, dual rear-view mirrors for 360-degree visibility, and a full LED lighting package for enhanced visibility in various lighting conditions.

    5. Can you elaborate on the LED Console of the Luxe Elite Electric Mobility Scooter and how it helps riders stay informed?

    • The easy-to-read LED console displays estimated speed, mileage, and battery information, allowing riders to stay connected and in control during every journey.

    6. How is the Luxe Elite Electric Mobility Scooter designed for precision maneuvering?

    • With a tight 73" turning radius, the scooter enables precise maneuvering through various environments, providing riders with ease of navigation.

    7. What type of battery does the Luxe Elite Electric Mobility Scooter use, and how long does it take to fully charge?

    • The scooter is equipped with a 48 Volt, 20Ah battery, and it takes approximately 6-8 hours to fully charge.

    8. What is the weight capacity and overall weight of the Luxe Elite Electric Mobility Scooter?

    • The scooter has a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs, and its overall weight is 260 lbs.

    9. What are the dimensions of the Luxe Elite Electric Mobility Scooter, including height, length, and width?

    • The scooter has a height of 42", length of 63", and width of 28". The steering height is 42" from the floor.

    10. What is the driving range of the Luxe Elite Electric Mobility Scooter on a single charge?

    • The Luxe Electric Mobility Scooter can travel up to 35 miles on a single charge, providing users with an extended range for their journeys.

      Journey Luxe Elite Specifications

      • Height: 42"
      • Length: 63"
      • Width: 28"
      • Steering Height: 42"  from floor
      • Seat Dimensions
      • Height: 28"
      • Length: 18"
      • Width: 18"
      • Rear Basket Dimensions
      • Height: 11"
      • Length: 10"
      • Width: 20"
      • Overall Weight: 260 lbs
      • Floor Clearance: 4.5"
      • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs maximum capacity
      • Tire Size: Front and rear 16"
      • Wheelbase:  40"
      • Speed: 13mph maximum speed
      • Driving Range: Up to 35 miles per charge
      • Rotation radius: 73"
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