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ComfyGo Special PL-3000 Electric Easy Patient Lift

by ComfyGo
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Introducing the PL-3000 Electric Easy Patient Lift: Revolutionize Patient Transfers with the PL-3000 Electric Easy Lift

Experience safe, simple and comfortable patient handling with the revolutionary PL-3000 Electric Patient Lift. Eliminate back strain and awkward maneuvers during transfers with effortless electric lift power.

This innovative lift comes with an adjustable sling to provide customized support and comfort for patients. Caregivers can safely operate transfers using the easy-to-use hand control with emergency stop button.

Built for convenience, the PL-3000 features a lightweight and compact steel frame that's easy to transport and store. With a 400 lb weight capacity, it reliably handles bariatric patients as well.

Discover how the PL-3000 Electric Patient Lift can revolutionize and simplify your care routine. Call or go online today to learn more about its safety features, portable design, and unmatched ease of use for both patients and caregivers.

    Experience Safe, Gentle Transfers with the PL-3000 Electric Patient Lift

    • The PL-3000 Electric Lift revolutionizes patient transfers with its smooth, gentle lifting action. Patients enjoy safe, comfortable maneuvering without any strain or discomfort.
    • Caregivers can also safely transfer patients without risk of injury from awkward maneuvers or back strain. The PL-3000 makes daily care routines easier and more manageable for both parties.
    • With its electric powered lift, the PL-3000 simplifies and protects. Patients benefit from secure, gentle transfers while caregivers avoid injuries.
    • Discover how safe transfers can transform your care experience. Learn more about the PL-3000 Electric Lift by calling today.

    Provide Personalized Comfort with the PL-3000 Lift's Adjustable Patient Sling

    • The PL-3000 Lift comes with a padded sling featuring adjustable straps to customize transfers for each patient's needs and body type.
    • Patients can relax in secure comfort thanks to the sling's ability to accommodate different shapes and sizes. The straps can be easily modified to provide a personalized fit and prevent uneasy maneuvering.
    • With its adaptable patient sling, the PL-3000 lift focuses on comfort for superior care experiences. Patients benefit from transfers tailored to their needs instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.
    • Give your patients the adjustable comfort they deserve. Discover how the PL-3000 lift can personalize care and transform transfer experiences.

    Experience Precision Control and Safety with the PL-3000's Intuitive Handset

    • The PL-3000 lift features an ergonomic hand control that allows for precise, effortless operation during transfers. Caregivers can intuitively control the smooth electric lifting without hassle.
    • For added safety and peace of mind, the handset also includes an emergency stop button to halt operation instantly if needed. This ensures maximum control and protection during patient handling.
    • With its user-friendly handset, the PL-3000 lift aims to make transfers as straightforward and secure as possible for caregivers. Precision electric control and safety come first.
    • Discover the intuitive handset that makes lifting easy and safe. Learn more about the PL-3000 lift and its thoughtful safety features today.

    The PL-3000 Lift: Compact and Portable for Convenient Storage

    • The PL-3000 lift features a lightweight, compact steel frame that disassembles for easy transportation and space-saving storage.
    • Caregivers can quickly break down the lift into transportable parts in seconds when not in use. The small footprint is perfect for storage in homes or care facilities with limited space.
    • With its portable and adjustable lift mast, the PL-3000 simplifies storage between patient transfers. No need for permanent installation - use it anywhere needed and store it with ease.
    • Experience the convenience of a lift designed for portability and quick storage. Contact us to learn more about the PL-3000's compact, transportable design.

    PL-3000 Lift: Durable Steel Construction Safely Supports Up To 400 lbs

    • The PL-3000 lift features robust steel construction engineered to provide heavy-duty durability and reliability.
    • With a 400 lb weight capacity, this lift is capable of securely supporting and transferring most bariatric patients. The sturdy steel frame gives caregivers peace of mind.
    • Know you're investing in lasting quality with the PL-3000's durable steel frame. This heavy-duty lift withstands repeated use and can handle patients of nearly any size or weight.
    • Rely on stable steel strength for all your patient handling needs. Discover why steel makes the PL-3000 lift built to last. Contact us today!

    Order Yours Today and get Free Shipping:

    Order your PL-3000 Electric Easy Patient Lift today and enjoy free shipping! If you have any questions, please contact us by live chat or phone - we're here to help make your daily care routine easier and safer.

    Ready to revolutionize your care routine with easy, safe transfers? Order the PL-3000 Electric Patient Lift now and get free shipping!

    Have questions? No problem - our team is here to assist via live chat or phone. We'll help you choose the right lift and sling to meet your needs and make transfers effortless.

    Invest in convenience, safety and comfort with the PL-3000 lift. Simplify patient handling for you and your clients.

    Don't wait - order your PL-3000 now with free delivery and discover support from mobility experts. Let us help take the difficulty out of transfers and create a lifting solution tailored to you!

    • Weight capacity: 400 lbs
    • Maximum lifting height: 77"
    • Minimum lifting height: 26.5"
    • Product weight: 103 lbs
    • Warranty: 1 year

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