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Green Transporter Q Runner Electric 3 Passenger Transport Scooter

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No Matter the Conditions: The Green Transporter Q Runner Electric 3 Passenger Transport Scooter is the One!

The Green Transporter Q Runner Electric Transport Scooter is a Cut Above the Rest!

For mobility scooter users, the weather can present challenges to getting around town comfortably. Frigid winter temperatures below 40°F make trips unpleasant without proper insulation and heat. Most scooter tires also struggle in snow, risking getting stuck. Likewise, high summer temperatures above 80°F cause discomfort without air conditioning. The Green Transporter Q-Runner Enclosed Mobility Scooter solves these problems.

Like Driving A Car

The Q-Runner works like a fully enclosed electric car. It features car-like amenities - sun roof, power windows, rear windows, radio, and LCD display. With few differences from a small electric vehicle, the Q-Runner requires no license or registration to drive in most states.

Keeping you Warm

An integrated heating system keeps riders warm inside the enclosed Q-Runner. Additionally, a defroster clears frost from the windows for maximum visibility.

Keeping you Cool

Air conditioning comes standard in the Q-Runner to provide cool relief from hot outdoor temperatures. Riders stay comfortable and refreshed.

Cozy and Spacious

At nearly 8 feet long and 5 feet wide, the Q-Runner interior offers ample room to stretch out. The mobility scooter comes equipped with a captain’s seat and a rear bench seat for bringing a friend along for the ride.

I focused on rewriting the key points from the original description in the third person perspective. Please let me know if you would like any changes to this version.

Hand Control For Easy Navigation

The Q runner enclosed mobility scooter features all of the necessary controls for navigation on its handlebar, including an accelerator, reverse gear and windshield wiper control. This design allows for convenient and efficient operation of the scooter.

Go Anywhere, Year-Round

The Green Transporter Q-Runner comes equipped with all-season tires that provide traction across snow, rain, and dry surfaces. Now mobility scooter users can feel confident driving in nearly any weather without getting stuck. No longer limited by the elements, the Q-Runner delivers new independence.

Sleek, Eye-Catching Design

With its modern aesthetics, the Q-Runner looks like a high-end electric vehicle rather than a mobility scooter. The smooth lines and expert craftsmanship make it pleasing to the eyes of all who see this scooter pass by.

35 Miles Per Charge

A single charge gives the Q-Runner a remarkable 35 miles of range. Riders can cruise around town or travel to multiple destinations without range anxiety. The long-lasting battery enables all-day adventures.

Built-In Entertainment

AM/FM radio and auxiliary input for personal devices keeps riders entertained on their journeys. Whether enjoying music, podcasts, or audiobooks, the Q-Runner allows travelers to pass the time with their favorite audio entertainment.

Q Runer Enclosed Scooter Radio 

FAQs for the Green Transporter Q Runner Electric 3 Passenger Transport Scooter

  1. Is the Green Transporter Q-Runner Electric Transport Scooter suitable for year-round use?

    • Yes, the Q-Runner is designed for all seasons, equipped with features to tackle various weather conditions.
  2. Does the Q-Runner require a license or registration to operate?

    • In most states, no license or registration is needed to drive the Q-Runner, thanks to its classification as an enclosed mobility scooter.
  3. How does the Q-Runner ensure comfort during colder weather?

    • The Q-Runner has an integrated heating system and a defroster to keep riders warm and maintain clear visibility in colder temperatures.
  4. Is air conditioning included in the Q-Runner for warmer weather?

    • Yes, the Q-Runner comes standard with air conditioning, ensuring a comfortable and cool ride during hot outdoor temperatures.
  5. What amenities does the Q-Runner offer that make it similar to driving a car?

    • The Q-Runner includes car-like features such as a sunroof, power windows, rear windows, radio, and an LCD display.
  6. Can I bring a friend along on the Q-Runner?

    • Absolutely! The Q-Runner is spacious, with a rear bench seat allowing you to share the ride with a friend.
  7. How does the hand control on the handlebar contribute to easy navigation?

    • The handlebar features all necessary controls, including an accelerator, reverse gear, and windshield wiper control, ensuring convenient operation.
  8. What type of tires does the Q-Runner have, and how do they perform in different weather conditions?

    • The Q-Runner is equipped with all-season tires, providing excellent traction on snow, rain, and dry surfaces for year-round confidence.
  9. What is the range of the Q-Runner on a single charge?

    • The Q-Runner boasts an impressive 35 miles per charge, allowing for extensive journeys without worrying about running out of battery.
  10. Are there entertainment options on the Q-Runner?

    • Yes, the Q-Runner features AM/FM radio and an auxiliary input for personal devices, offering built-in entertainment for your travels.

Note: Always refer to the product manual and specifications for detailed information.

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User Manual Click Here for product Manual 
Size 90" x 46" x 63" (L*W*H)
Motor power 1200W
Battery 60V 45AH Lead Acid
Max speed 18 mph
Wheel base 1580mm
Tire 125/65-12
Scooter weight 600 lbs
Brake system Front and rear disc brake
Range 25-35 miles
Max Load 550 lbs
LCD Instrument Panel Yes
Back Up Camera Yes
Roll Down Front Windows Yes
Heater Yes
Radio USB/Bluetooth/AUX
Rear Bench Seat 34" x 15"
Ground Clearance 6.5"
Bench Height from floor 16"

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