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Shoprider Enduro 4PLUS heavy duty four-wheel scooter

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Weight Capacity Top Speed Driving Range Turning Radius Heaviest Piece Total Weight
 500Lbs. 5 MPH
25 Miles
72" 115Lbs. 190Lbs.

Enduro 4Plus Heavy Duty Four-Wheel Scooter: Conquer Any Terrain with Confidence!

Embark on a journey of superior stability and comfort with the Enduro 4Plus XL - the heavy-duty scooter designed to tackle the toughest terrains. With an impressive 500 lb. weight capacity, this robust four-wheel scooter ensures safe and reliable mobility, particularly for heavier riders.

Key Features:

  • 500lb Weight Capacity: Unmatched strength to support heavier riders, providing a secure and reliable mobility solution.

  • Slide & Swivel Seating: Enjoy customizable comfort with a 20-inch reclining seat that slides and swivels for the perfect riding position.

  • Full Suspension System: Glide smoothly across rough terrains with a full suspension system that absorbs shocks and ensures a comfortable ride.

  • Full Lighting Package: Conquer nighttime adventures confidently with an integrated lighting and signals system, enhancing visibility and safety.

  • Adjustable Tiller: Take control with ease using the conveniently positioned delta tiller, allowing for precise navigation and adaptability.

Why Choose the Enduro 4Plus XL?

  • Navigate Any Terrain: Designed to tackle the toughest terrains, this scooter empowers you to go where you want, when you want.

  • Nighttime Adventures: Integrated lighting and signals provide enhanced visibility for safe nighttime travels.

  • Customizable Comfort: The 20-inch reclining seat surrounds you in comfort, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable riding experience.

  • Intuitive Wig Wag Lever: Adapt to your dexterity with the intuitive wig wag lever, adding convenience to your control options.

  • No Limits, No Compromises: Experience the freedom to fully embrace life's journey without limits or compromise, thanks to the Enduro XL4's exceptional performance and stability.

Discover Unrivaled Performance and Comfort:

The Enduro 4Plus XL is not just a scooter; it's a companion engineered for performance, stability, and comfort. Conquer any path with confidence, knowing you have the heavy-duty four-wheel scooter you've been searching for.

Unlock the freedom to explore without constraints—choose the Enduro 4Plus XL for an unparalleled mobility experience!



    • Weight Capacity 500 lbs.
    • Width1 28”
    • Length1 56”
    • Unit Weight3 240 lbs.
    • Max Speed 5 mph
    • Ground Clearance 4”
    • Safe Climbing Angle 8º | 14%
    • Front | Rear Wheels 12” Pneumatic
    • Drive Wheel 12” Pneumatic
    • Suspension type Limited
    • Battery Options 50Ah | 75Ah
    • Battery Weights 50 lbs.
    • Range2 Up To 25 miles
    • Charger 8A Off-board
    • Tiller type Delta

    Note: ¹ On level Road. ² Without basket and seating. ³ With basket, seat & batteries. ⁴ Base on user weight of 200LB. ⁵ Based on user weight of 165LB. ⁶ After the batteries and mechanical moving parts fully break in.



    1. What is the weight capacity of the Enduro 4Plus XL scooter?

    • The scooter has an impressive weight capacity of 500 lbs, providing unmatched strength and support for heavier riders.

    2. Can the seating be adjusted for personalized comfort on the Enduro 4Plus XL scooter?

    • Yes, the scooter features slide and swivel seating with a 20-inch reclining seat, allowing users to customize their riding position for optimal comfort.

    3. How does the full suspension system contribute to a comfortable ride on the Enduro 4Plus XL scooter?

    • The full suspension system absorbs shocks, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride even across rough terrains.

    4. Is the Enduro 4Plus XL equipped with a lighting package for nighttime adventures?

    • Yes, the scooter comes with a full lighting package, including integrated lights and signals, enhancing visibility and safety during nighttime travels.

    5. What is the ground clearance of the Enduro 4Plus XL scooter?

    • The scooter offers a ground clearance of 4 inches, providing ample clearance for navigating various terrains.

    6. How fast can the Enduro 4Plus XL scooter travel?

    • The scooter has a top speed of 5 mph, providing a balance of speed and control for users.

    7. Can the tiller be adjusted on the Enduro 4Plus XL scooter?

    • Yes, the scooter features a delta tiller that is adjustable, allowing for precise navigation and adaptability.

    8. What is the climbing angle capability of the Enduro 4Plus XL scooter?

    • The scooter can climb hills with an angle of up to 8º or 14%, providing versatility for various terrains.

    9. What battery options are available for the Enduro 4Plus XL scooter?

    • The scooter offers two battery options: 50Ah and 75Ah, providing flexibility for users based on their range requirements.

    10. How far can the Enduro 4Plus XL scooter travel on a single charge?

    • The scooter has a range of up to 25 miles, making it suitable for extended journeys without frequent recharging. Actual range may vary based on factors like user weight and conditions.

    For an unparalleled mobility experience with exceptional performance and stability, choose the Enduro 4Plus XL and unlock the freedom to explore without constraints.

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