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Merits Health Pioneer 10 4-Wheel Bariatric Scooter

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Merits Health Pioneer 10 4-Wheel Bariatric Scooter: A New Era of Mobility

Experience the ultimate in heavy-duty mobility with the Merits Health Pioneer 10 4-Wheel Bariatric Scooter. Conquer long distances without worrying about constant recharging. This robust and versatile scooter offers unbeatable comfort and performance.

Experience ultimate comfort with the design of the Pioneer 10 product!

For prolonged use of your mobility scooter, a comfortable seat is crucial. The Pioneer 10 features a cozy, padded high-back captain's chair that is extra-wide at 22", offering superior support. The chair can easily swivel for effortless getting on and off, and the armrests can be adjusted and folded, enabling you to discover the ideal position for your comfort. The tiller is also adaptable, ensuring an optimal reach for your arms. Coupled with pneumatic tires and a shock-absorbing full suspension, this scooter delivers an incredibly smooth ride in the bariatric mobility scooter market.

Experience outstanding mileage, effortless controls, and a complete lighting package that will enhance your ride!

Experience unmatched freedom with the Pioneer 10 4-Wheel Bariatric Scooter, featuring an impressive 32-mile battery range and a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs.

Effortlessly conquer steep inclines with a 12-degree climbing angle thanks to its powerful motor.

Stay in control with the user-friendly control panel, complete with a full lighting package, battery indicator, speed dial, and horn.

Illuminate your journeys with the ultra-bright LED headlight, tail lights, and turn signals, enabling you to continue your adventures even after the sun goes down.

Sturdy Construction Ideal for Daily Use

Experience ultimate mobility and comfort with Merits Health Pioneer 10 4-Wheel Bariatric Scooter!

The Merits Health Pioneer 10 is a full-sized scooter that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor adventures. Its large 12.5-inch air-filled tires and full-suspension system make it a breeze to tackle any rough terrain, setting it apart from smaller scooters.

With its four-wheel design, it provides optimal stability while still maneuvering through tight spaces with ease, thanks to its impressive turning radius of 62 inches. Plus, with ample legroom, you'll never have to compromise on comfort.

Unlock Your Full Potential!

Experience freedom from the limitations of manual wheelchairs with the Merits Health Pioneer 10. Embrace a more fulfilling and empowering lifestyle, both indoors and outdoors, with this scooter's enhanced stability and usability. Don't let anything hold you back from living an active and independent life.

An incredible value awaits you!

Choose the Merits Health Pioneer 10 4-Wheel Bariatric Scooter from our range of products at Mobility Angel. Perfect for individuals with larger frames, this scooter offers exceptional speed and range, while also being durable and long-lasting. Created by top engineers at Merits, it comes with a leading industry warranty, ensuring your peace of mind.

  • High Weight Capacity: Accommodates up to 500 lbs, catering to a wide range of users.
  • Extended Battery Life: Offers an impressive 32-mile range per charge, minimizing recharging frequency.
  • Comfort-Focused Design: Features a plush high-back captain's chair with a 22" extra-wide seat for supreme comfort.
  • Adjustable and Accessible: Swivel-adjustable seat and foldable armrests enhance ease of access and personal comfort.
  • Optimized Control: User-friendly control panel with speed dial, battery indicator, and a comprehensive lighting package for safe navigation.
  • Superior Suspension: Equipped with pneumatic tires and full suspension for a smooth ride across all terrains.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Versatility: Designed for robust performance both indoors and outdoors with a tight turning radius and large air-filled tires.
  • Leading Warranty: Backed by Merits' industry-leading warranty for peace of mind and reliability.

Merits Health Pioneer 10 4-Wheel Bariatric Scooter Specifications

  • Product Number: S341
  • Weight Capacity: 500 lbs
  • Seat Width: 22"
  • Seat Depth: 20"
  • Backrest Height: 22"
  • Seat-to-Ground Height: 25" - 28"
  • Seat-to-Deck Height: 16" - 19"
  • Overall Length: 59"
  • Overall Width: 27"
  • Overall Height: 47"
  • Turning Radius: 62"
  • Ground Clearance: 4"
  • Weight of Heaviest Piece: 121 lbs
  • Total Weight: 269 lbs
  • Max Speed: 6 mph
  • Per Charge Range: Up to 32 miles
  • Motor: DC 24V, 400W
  • Controller: Dynamic Rhino2 160A
  • Battery Size (2): 12V/Group 24 (70-80AH)
  • Charger: 6A off-board
  • Gradient: 12°
  • Front Wheel(s): 4-Wheel: 12.5" flat-free
  • Rear Wheels: 12.5" flat-free
  • Suspension: Yes
  • HCPCS Code: K0899

Merits Health Pioneer 10 4-Wheel Bariatric Scooter FAQs 

  1. What makes the Merits Health Pioneer 10 stand out in the bariatric scooter market?

    • Its unparalleled 500 lbs weight capacity, extensive 32-mile battery range, and 6 mph max speed, making it ideal for users seeking long-distance mobility with comfort.
  2. Can I adjust the seat for my comfort on the Pioneer 10?

    • Yes, the scooter features an adjustable high-back captain's chair with swivel and foldable armrests for optimal comfort and accessibility.
  3. Is the Pioneer 10 suitable for all types of terrain?

    • Absolutely, its pneumatic tires and advanced suspension system ensure a smooth ride on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.
  4. How does the lighting package enhance the Merits Health Pioneer 10's usability?

    • The full lighting package, including an LED headlight and turn signals, ensures safe operation after dark, enhancing visibility and safety.
  5. What is the charging process for the Merits Health Pioneer 10?

    • The scooter comes with a user-friendly charging system that plugs directly into the control panel, featuring an automatic shut-off to prevent overcharging.
  6. How does the Pioneer 10 ensure ease of use and control?

    • With its user-friendly control panel, including a battery indicator and speed dial, users can easily navigate and control the scooter in various conditions.
  7. What is the maximum climbing angle the Pioneer 10 can handle?

    • It can effortlessly tackle inclines up to 12 degrees, thanks to its powerful 400W motor.
  8. Can the Pioneer 10 be used for long trips outside the home?

    • Yes, with its extended battery range of up to 32 miles and 6 mph speed, it's perfect for outdoor adventures and day-long excursions.
  9. What warranty does the Merits Health Pioneer 10 come with?

    • It comes with Merits' industry-leading warranty, offering buyers peace of mind and reliability in their purchase.
  10. What are the storage and transport options for the Pioneer 10?

    • While it's a full-sized scooter, it features a relatively compact design with a weight of 269 lbs, making it manageable for transport with the appropriate vehicle accommodations.

Experience the ultimate freedom and mobility with the Merits Health Pioneer 10 4-Wheel Bariatric Scooter. Indulge in unparalleled comfort, exceptional range, and unbeatable performance on your own terms. Rekindle your passion for an active lifestyle today!

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