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Merits Health Vision CF Power Wheelchair

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Discover the Merits Health Vision CF Power Wheelchair: the epitome of reliability, versatility, and value in the realm of mobility solutions. This power chair is your key to balancing affordability with essential features for daily independence and convenience.

Key Features:

  • ✓ Effortless Indoor Navigation: Boasting a remarkably small 21-inch turning radius and front-wheel drive, the Vision CF effortlessly maneuvers through tight indoor spaces, corners, and hallways.
  • ✓ Sleek Design & Easy Maintenance: The vibrant red frame exudes style, while the easily accessible charging port and removable shroud for battery/motor access simplify maintenance.
  • ✓ Trusted Brand & Affordability: Manufactured by the renowned Merits Health Products, renowned for quality and reliability, this affordable power wheelchair ensures you regain mobility without breaking the bank.
  • ✓ Comfortable Seating & Exceptional Maneuverability: Enjoy the plush 18" wide captain's chair with swivel and adjustable armrests for easy entry/exit. Navigate corners and inclines with the tight 22.5" turning radius and anti-tip wheels.
  • ✓ User-Friendly Joystick & Portability: The sensitive joystick with speed control and horn offers precise driving, while the quick-disassembly design fits most vehicle trunks for easy travel.
  • ✓ Solid Construction & Impressive Range: The durable 300 lbs weight capacity frame combines with an 18-mile battery range and 4 mph top speed for all-day performance.
Merits Health Vision CF Power Wheelchair

Smooth Indoor Maneuverability:

The Vision CF Power Chair shines in its ability to effortlessly glide through confined spaces, thanks to its impressively compact turning radius of just 21 inches. Equipped with front-wheel drive, this chair makes navigating sharp corners and narrow hallways seamless, offering unparalleled freedom to traverse the interiors of your home or office with complete ease.

Merits Health Vision CF Power Wheelchair

Sleek Style, Effortless Upkeep:

  • Crafted for both aesthetics and functionality, this power chair boasts a streamlined silhouette in a vibrant red hue. Its user-friendly design extends to maintenance, with a conveniently located charging port integrated into the joystick for hassle-free daily charging. Additionally, swift access to the motor and batteries is facilitated by the easily removable shroud, allowing for prompt adjustments when needed.

Trusted Excellence, Budget-Friendly Solution:

  • Introducing the Vision CF Power Wheelchair, proudly manufactured by Merits Health Products, a distinguished name in the mobility sector. Offering a perfect blend of affordability and reliability, this power chair empowers you to reclaim your freedom without straining your finances. Count on Merits Health Products to deliver unparalleled quality and unwavering dependability.
    Merits Health Vision CF Power Wheelchair

    Experience Maximum Comfort and Effortless Mobility:

    Indulge in extended periods of use with the Vision CF's luxurious seating and unparalleled maneuverability. Here's why it stands out:

    • Premium Comfort: Say goodbye to discomfort during long sessions. The Vision CF boasts an expansive 18" cushioned captain's chair, ensuring optimal comfort even during extended use.

    • Enhanced Accessibility: Enjoy hassle-free entry and exit thanks to the seat's 180-degree swivel feature and adjustable armrests, which can be tailored to your preferred position.

    • Seamless Navigation: Maneuver with precision and ease around corners and tight spaces, thanks to the chair's impressive 22.5" turning radius. You'll effortlessly glide through any environment.

    • Stability and Security: Equipped with rear 6” wheels and 2” front anti-tip wheels, the Vision CF provides added stability, especially when traversing inclines, ensuring your safety and peace of mind throughout your journey.

    Merits Health Vision CF Power Wheelchair

    Intuitive Control and Go-Anywhere Design

    The Vision CF Power Chair puts effortless maneuverability at your fingertips with its ergonomic joystick controller. Leveraging responsive touch technology, the joystick translates subtle movements into precise driving, allowing you to navigate environments with confidence. A convenient speed adjustment dial ensures safe operation across varying terrains. Plus, the integrated horn allows you to politely alert pedestrians to your presence. Compact and highly portable, this power chair is the ideal companion for active lifestyles, enabling you to explore the world with ease.

    Merits Health Vision CF Power Wheelchair

    Uncompromising Portability

    Traveling light has never been easier thanks to the Vision CF Power Chair's ultra-portable design. Within seconds, this innovative mobility solution disassembles into a compact configuration that fits neatly into most vehicle trunks. Reassembly is just as fast and hassle-free, allowing you to hit the ground running at your destination. For those embracing an active, on-the-go lifestyle, the Vision CF Power Chair is the perfect travel companion.

    Rugged Durability, Unstoppable Performance

    Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Vision CF Power Wheelchair exemplifies robust construction. Its sturdy frame is engineered to withstand the rigors of daily use while offering effortless maintenance. With an impressive weight capacity of 300 lbs, this power chair accommodates a wide range of users comfortably. Combine that with an exceptional 18-mile battery range and a brisk top speed of 4 mph, and you have a mobility solution that keeps you actively exploring all day long.

    When you invest in a Merits Health Products mobility solution, you're getting more than just a product – you're gaining a commitment to quality and peace of mind. Their industry-leading warranty program ensures comprehensive coverage, while their dedicated technical support team stands ready to assist with setup, operation, and any queries you may have about your new Vision CF Power Wheelchair.

    Merits Health Vision CF Power Wheelchair


    • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
    • Drivetrain: Front-Wheel Drive (FWD)
    • Seat Type: Captain or Pan
    • Seat Width: 18"
    • Seat Depth: 18"
    • Backrest Height: 20"
    • Seat-to-Floor Height: 20” - 22”
    • Elevating Seat: Not available
    • Overall Length: 33"
    • Overall Width: 25"
    • Overall Height: 42"
    • Turning Radius: 22.5"
    • Ground Clearance: 2.4"
    • Total Weight: 154 lbs
    • Heaviest Piece Weight: 62.7 lbs
    • Maximum Speed: 4 mph
    • Per Charge Range: Up to 18 miles
    • Motor: DC 24V, 130W
    • Controller: Dynamic LiNX 40A
    • Battery Size: (2) P326D: VR2
    • Charger: 12V/U1 (34AH)
    • Gradient: 4A off-board
    • Front Wheels: 6°
    • Drive Wheels: 3” anti-tippers
    • Rear Wheels: 9” foam filled
    • Group: 6” foam filled
    • HCPCS Code: Group: 2

    Why Buy from Mobility Angel?

    At Mobility Angel, we prioritize your satisfaction and peace of mind. When you purchase the Vision CF Power Wheelchair from us, you'll enjoy:

    • ☑️ Exclusive Discounts: As an authorized Merits Health Products dealer, we offer unbeatable prices on this top-rated power wheelchair.
    • ☑️ Expert Guidance: Our knowledgeable mobility specialists are available to guide you through the selection process and answer any questions you may have.
    • ☑️ Seamless Delivery & Setup: We'll ensure your new power wheelchair is delivered and set up correctly, so you can start using it right away.
    • ☑️ Comprehensive Support: Our dedicated support team is just a call away, ready to assist you with any technical queries or maintenance needs.

    Don't settle for less – experience the freedom and reliability of the Merits Health Vision CF Power Wheelchair today. Contact Mobility Angel to take the first step toward regaining your independence.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. How long does the Vision CF Power Wheelchair battery last on a single charge? The Vision CF Power Wheelchair boasts an impressive 18-mile battery range, allowing you to tackle your daily activities without worrying about frequent recharging.
    2. Can this power wheelchair navigate tight indoor spaces? Yes, with its compact 21-inch turning radius and front-wheel drive, the Vision CF is designed to maneuver effortlessly through tight indoor spaces, corners, and hallways.
    3. What is the weight capacity of the Vision CF Power Wheelchair? The Vision CF Power Wheelchair can accommodate users up to 300 lbs, thanks to its durable construction and sturdy frame.
    4. Is the Vision CF Power Wheelchair easy to transport? Absolutely! This power wheelchair can be quickly disassembled and reassembled, making it convenient for travel and fitting easily into most vehicle trunks.
    5. Does Mobility Angel offer support and assistance for the Vision CF Power Wheelchair? Yes, at Mobility Angel, we provide comprehensive support and guidance throughout the entire process, from selection to setup and ongoing maintenance. Our knowledgeable team is always available to assist you.
    6. What makes Merits Health Products a trusted brand for power wheelchairs? Merits Health Products is renowned in the mobility industry for its commitment to quality, reliability, and innovative design. Their industry-leading product warranty ensures your investment is protected.
    7. Can the Vision CF Power Wheelchair be used outdoors? While primarily designed for indoor use, the Vision CF can handle light outdoor terrain with its 6-inch foam-filled rear wheels and anti-tip wheels, providing stability and traction.
    8. How do I charge the Vision CF Power Wheelchair? Charging the Vision CF is simple – just connect the charger to the easily accessible charging port on the joystick. The included charger ensures efficient and safe battery charging.
    9. Is the Vision CF Power Wheelchair comfortable for long periods of use? Yes, the Vision CF features a plush 18-inch wide captain's chair with adjustable armrests, providing ample support and comfort for extended use.
    10. Can I customize or add accessories to the Vision CF Power Wheelchair? While the Vision CF comes standard with its essential features, Mobility Angel can assist you in exploring compatible accessories and customization options to tailor the power wheelchair to your specific needs.

    Elevate your mobility and regain your independence with the Merits Health Vision CF Power Wheelchair from Mobility Angel. Experience the convenience, comfort, and reliability that redefine your everyday life. Choose the trusted brand that puts your needs first – get back on the move today!

    Merits Health Vision CF Power Wheelchair
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