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Metro iTravel Lite 33 lbs Electric Wheelchair

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Experience Ultimate Mobility with the Metro iTravel Lite Electric Wheelchair

The Metro iTravel Lite wheelchair combines cutting-edge convenience with comfortable usability for empowered independence on the move. This remarkably lightweight and portable mobility solution enables active lifestyles and participation thanks to its thoughtful blend of user-centric design and high-tech features.

Key Benefits:

👉 Compact Foldable Frame
The patented folding mechanism allows quick storage and transport at just 32 lb total weight.

👉 Intuitive Joystick Control
Effortlessly navigate indoor and outdoor environments using the ergonomic joystick and speed control.

👉 Customizable Comfort
Adjustable seating, armrests and leg rests cater to each user's support requirements and accessibility needs.

👉 Powerful & Durable
Robust motor provides a smooth 15 mile range and reliable performance across various terrains.

👉 Travel-Ready Design
From the aircraft-grade aluminum frame to removable battery pack, the iTravel Lite is optimized for portability.

The Metro iTravel Lite wheelchair promotes independence and an active lifestyle through its innovative lightweight design and travel-focused features.

Discover 360° mobility made effortlessly convenient.

Key Features and Benefits

⛸️ Ultralight Foldable Frame - At just 33 lbs, the lightweight aluminum frame swiftly compacts with a patented 3-second folding mechanism for easy transport and storage.

🛗 Intuitive Joystick Control - The ergonomic 360-degree joystick enables precise maneuverability suitable for one-handed operation and limited hand function.

🛋️ Cushioned 18” Seat - Built-in 18-inch seat cushion provides extended comfort for hours of daily use.

👥 Social Independence - Compact portable design allows participation in activities for greater mobility, fostering an active lifestyle.

⚡️ Robust 200W Motor - Powerful 24V motor delivers efficient, reliable performance to meet diverse self-propulsion needs.

Prioritizing portability, accessibility and usability, the Metro iTravel Lite’s thoughtful design features empower people to navigate life’s journey.


    Motor: 24V/200W
    Batteries: 24V10AH
    Maximum Driving Range: 10 miles
    Maximum Speed: 3.45 mph
    Weight Capacity: 220 lbs
    Maximum Driving Gradient: 6 degrees
    Front Tires: 9" x 3" solid
    Rear Tires: 9" x 3" solid
    Ground Clearance: 5.25" at mid-frame
    Suspension: Rear
    Length/Width: 41" x 20"
    Battery Weight: 21 lbs
    Turning Radius: 42.5"
    Battery Charger: 2A


    1 year limited warranty: All electrical parts, including controllers and battery chargers. Drivetrain, including transaxle, motor, and brake.

    6 month limited warranty*: The battery is covered by a separate six-month warranty, provided by the battery manufacturer.


    To file a warranty claim for defective batteries, you must provide a valid load test report that shows the batteries are not functioning properly and fall below normal specifications.

    A load test analyzes the current battery set's ability to power the mobility device by applying a simulated workload. This test will check if the batteries meet expected performance metrics for things like runtime, voltage, and discharge rate.

    The load test report must clearly show test results that indicate faulty or failing batteries compared to normal functioning batteries. Some examples of faulty metrics may include:

    • Abnormally short runtime per charge
    • Voltage dropping too quickly under load
    • Inability to hold a charge

    This quantitative load test data is required documentation for a warranty claim to verify the batteries are defective and qualify for replacement under the warranty terms. Please ensure you have completed a load test and obtained the report to include with your battery warranty claim.

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