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Moving Life ATTO High-Performance Folding Travel Scooter with Lithium Battery

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Experience Unrivaled Maneuverability with the Movinglife ATTO High-Performance Mobility Scooter

From its sleek, customizable aesthetics to advanced functionality, the ATTO scooter redefines your possibilities. This intelligently engineered vehicle masters tight spaces with a patented compact foldable design that quickly configures into a robust full-sized ride.

Design Your Ideal Experience

Make the ATTO uniquely yours with slick optional upgrades like:

🔹 Hidden armrests enable transfer accessibility 🔹 Long-range lithium batteries maximize per charge range 🔹 Custom colors to match personal styles

Clever Standard Features Meet Practicality:

🔹 USB charging port keeps devices powered
🔹 Underseat and basket storage organize essentials
🔹 Adjustable captain’s chair ensures ergonomic fit

With unmatched balance and use of space, the Movinglife ATTO scooter refuses to look – or perform – like traditional mobility equipment. Attractively priced yet feature-packed, ATTO empowers people in motion.

Engineered for full-sized comfort with airplane portability, the FDA-approved ATTO scooter is built using 388 thoughtfully designed components to enable freedom in motion.

Key Benefits:

Maneuver Tight Spaces
The ingeniously compact foldable design quickly transforms to tackle shopping aisles, vehicle boarding, and urban navigation with a 265 lb weight capacity.

Lightweight Luggage-Style Transport When collapsed, ATTO becomes an integrated 68 lb suitcase for hassle-free public transit, cruise ship travel, and overhead bin storage.

All-Day Battery With a powerful 12-mile range per charge, ATTO liberates all-day adventures without compromise - from the grocery store to gallery hopping.

Customizable Comfort
Adjustable captain's chair combined with optional hidden armrests and extended range batteries enable a personalized fit for enhanced ergonomics.

User Manual




1. How compact is the Movinglife ATTO scooter when folded, and how does it enhance maneuverability?

  • The ATTO scooter boasts a patented compact foldable design that quickly transforms into a robust full-sized ride. When collapsed, it becomes an integrated 68 lb suitcase, making it ideal for tight spaces and easy navigation.

2. What customization options are available for the ATTO scooter to make it uniquely yours?

  • Users can design their ideal experience with optional upgrades such as hidden armrests for transfer accessibility, long-range lithium batteries for extended per charge range, and customizable colors to match personal styles.

3. Can you provide details about the ATTO scooter's practical features and amenities?

  • The ATTO scooter comes with practical features such as a USB charging port for devices, underseat and basket storage for organizing essentials, and an adjustable captain's chair to ensure ergonomic fit.

4. How does the ATTO scooter balance full-sized comfort with airplane portability, and what makes it stand out from traditional mobility equipment?

  • The ATTO scooter is engineered for full-sized comfort yet remains airplane-portable with its compact foldable design. It stands out with its modern design and attractive pricing while offering a feature-packed experience.

5. What is the weight capacity of the ATTO scooter, and how does it perform in various settings, such as shopping aisles or urban navigation?

  • The ATTO scooter has a weight capacity of 265 lbs and is ingeniously designed to maneuver tight spaces, including shopping aisles, vehicle boarding, and urban navigation.

6. How long does the battery last on a single charge, and what is the range of the ATTO scooter?

  • The ATTO scooter provides a powerful 12-mile range per charge, liberating users for all-day adventures. It enables users to go from the grocery store to gallery hopping without compromise.

7. Can you elaborate on the safety features of the ATTO scooter, including materials, safety tests, and regulatory compliance?

  • The ATTO scooter is constructed with aviation-grade aluminum, high-tech plastics, and undergoes safety tests complying with standards such as EN12184, ISO 7176-15, and ISO 7176-21. It also adheres to regulatory compliance, including EEC: Annex V of 93/42/EEC.

8. What is the turning radius and maximum speed of the ATTO scooter, and how does it ensure user safety during operation?

  • The ATTO scooter has a turning radius of 53 inches, a maximum speed of 4 mph, and a robust braking mechanism to ensure user safety during operation.

9. Can you provide details about the ATTO scooter's charger and battery specifications, including safety certifications?

  • The ATTO scooter charger is UL- and CE-approved, with self-shutdown functionality and operates on 110-240V AC. The battery has safety certifications such as IEC 62133 and UN 38.3, with a 250 W/h capacity and 48-volt "non-spillable" lithium-Ion battery.

10. What warranty and support does Movinglife offer for the ATTO scooter, and how is it built to last?

  • Movinglife provides a comprehensive warranty for the ATTO scooter, and their global team ensures swift support with skilled service technicians and extensive spare part inventories. The product is built to last, thanks to premium materials, rigorous testing, and strict quality control processes.



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Enjoy Years of Reliable Service Backed by MovingLife's Comprehensive Warranty

At Movinglife, they engineer our mobility products for longevity and rigorously test performance prior to delivery. However, in the rare event a defect emerges compromising function or integrity, Movinglife's global team stands ready to promptly resolve issues under warranty terms.

Swift Support You Can Rely On

With skilled service technicians and extensive spare part inventories at laboratories worldwide, Movinglife won't leave you stranded. Their experts can efficiently diagnose and resolve malfunctions to get you moving again.

Built to Last

Movinglife choose premium materials and components so your product will provide dependable service for years to come. Their strict quality control process ensures only thoroughly evaluated products reach customers.

You can trust Movinglife products to enable accessible reliable mobility day after day thanks to our stringent standards. And if any defect emerges, global technical teams and generous warranties have your back. Discover worry-free mobility you can count on.


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